Country Roads T & A Club

Keep'm between the fence post and on those old country roads.

Country Roads T & A Club

The club organizes tours in the spring, summer, and fall.  The club members also attend numerous other tours across the county.  The club also plans one car show annually.  The show is generally held at Tomlinson Park in Williamstown, WV. 

The club celebrates the restoration of antique cars.  Whether you have an old Model A, old Dodge, Reo, Hudson or other antique car, you are welcome to join us on our tours and shows.  Beware, the oldest car generally leads the tour. 

We are always looking for tour ideas and anyone interested in hosting us.  If you have an idea, email

Country Roads T & A Club By-Laws

The Clubs by-laws was amended on January 21, 2016 to change the year for dues and to add a membership chairman position to the board.  Club By-Laws